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Isochromatic Pablo
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By golly, it's our old friend Pablo. Here, the areas with the same color (isochromatic) have been neatly outlined in red, sort of like a topological map, or a map showing the areas where the barometric pressure is the same.

If you stare at the picture for a brief time, you may see an optical illusion, depending on how the color vision in your eyes is working. Because of the different colors, the image may appear three-dimensional, with some parts of the picture closer, and some further away. Perhaps it's a good way to test color vision or color blindness.

To make the picture, the original was turned into Postscript, so it has solid areas of color. These areas were then outlined in red. The original image was black and white, but it has been shifted into shades of blue which, considering the subject, is far more flattering and a little less scary.

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