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In Topsmead's forest
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This is along the nature trail in Topsmead State Forest, located in Litchfield, Connecticut. It was a day trip from the city, in search of a little wilderness.

This was the summer estate of Miss Edith Morton Chase, bequeathed to the people of Connecticut (and New York, I guess, since we were there). Imagine being so rich that you have both a summer estate, and a winter one as well. For someone like me, who has just one home, I guess that puts me among the second-homeless. Probably for the best though, since we can just barely take care of the one house we have now.

This picture is another example of why I prefer digital cameras with electronic viewfinders over the fancier ones which use a groundglass. This is obviously a picture with a very tricky exposure. In addition, you want to move around until the sun is hidden by several tree branches so it doesn't burn out the picture. With my camera it's fairly simple, since you actually see a preview of the final picture and can move around and adjust the exposure before you even take the first picture.

For the digital camera with a groundglass, you can see the picture but you don't know what you're going to get until you snap the shutter and look at the result in the viewfinder on the back of the camera.

Note: This is the greenest picture I could find for St Patrick's Day.

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