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Portrait made from colored tiles
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When I first started doing this number, many years ago, the results showed up as hard copy -- pictures and words in newspapers or magazines. If there was a mistake, perhaps a spelling error, or an incorrect fact, or the wrong picture, the result was produced in multiple copies, in a very permanent form. It might as well have been etched on my tombstone.

Thanks to the Internet, things are more fluid. You can go back and revise history. I'm writing this several days after the original picture above was published in my journal. I couldn't think of anything to say that day, so I just put up the picture.

I wrote the software that generates the web pages for this journal. It's actually in the form of a database application, with one record for each day. So it's easy to bring up the interface that I designed for this, and go from page to page, updating information, fixing errors, saying something in a less awkward way, and generally rewriting history.

So if you find an error, or think that something should be added to a page, let me know. It's never too late to update things.

As for the picture above, it should be viewed like others I have done, stepping back from the monitor until the details of the picture emerge.

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