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Mr. Escher visits the Met
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This looks like just another gallery at the Metropolitan, with light coming through the overhead windows and lighting up a picture on the far wall. Looks fairly normal until your eye reaches the top of the picture, and there's Mr. Escher going up one of those fancy, multi-connected staircases, just like in his pictures. Maybe he has some sort of special gravitational field around him.

The interesting thing is that if you go to the Met's web site, and search for Escher, they have no record of him. No pictures. No exhibits. Nothing. Hmmm... Perhaps having his spirit is enough.

There was a big exhibit of Esher's work at the National Gallery in DC a few years ago. You can go to their web site and see stuff about Escher. Incidentally, one of the nice things about the public museums in DC is that, for the most part, they are free. Certainly a treat for an art lover like me, who moved here from NYC, home of the world's most expensive museums.

As for the picture above, nothing special. Just some minor retouching and being lucky enough to be there on a day that Mr. Escher's spirit was visiting.

I think that if we hang around we will see a picture of the Hobbitt walking up a similar staircase at the Met and being transported into an Escher-like situation.

Excuse me for a moment while I go look for it.

Wait here. I'll be right back.

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