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This was shot on Long Island, where there are lots and lots of geese. Sometimes they gather by a lake or pond, sometimes they gather on parkway off ramps, and sometimes they gather in parking lots, but wherever they gather, you have to watch carefully where you step. In some areas, they're considered pests, just like the deer that invade suburban neighborhoods.

One of the problems with digital cameras, especially the ones with automated focus and exposure, is the long delay between seeing something in the viewfinder, pressing the shutter release, and when the camera finally takes the picture. There are workarounds to speed things up, and lots of practice helps as well.

This was a lucky shot. I was already looking through the viewfinder when I heard the geese approaching from behind. Turning quickly, I was able to take one shot. (Don't try this if you're hunting quail.)

And this is the result. It's been cropped a little, but that's about it.

A neighbor, near where we live now, has a small pond that attracts geese and other wild birds. In the morning and in the evening they take flight in twos or fours (never alone) and come right over our house, like airplanes, about fifty feet off the ground, honking back and forth like crazy. I wonder what they're saying to each other.

Perhaps it's:

"Are we there yet?" "No! Shut up!"

"Are we there yet?" "No! Shut up!"

"Are we there yet?" "No! Shut up!"

and so forth.

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