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A bird on the wire
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The simplest images are the strongest.

Think about Picasso's drawing of the dove of peace. Just a simple outline. The Impressionists went from the complex religious, historical, and mythical themes of their predecessors to the simpler themes of everyday life. At the same time, they went from precise, calculated brushwork a simpler style that builds an impression in the viewer rather than bombarding you with an overload of detail.

One of the problems with photography is that its most prized qualities -- accurate color, incredible sharpness and detail, and unlimited depth of field can overwhelm the viewer. For the image to move from photography to art, it helps to think like an Impressionist.

Here, the bird has been replaced with its outline. This actually helps you see the shape of the bird more easily than a solid representation would. The sky has been replaced with a texture to give more depth. The color of the sky (which was gray that day) has been shifted into a color.

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