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Portrait in warm stone
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The right camera is not necessarily the best camera (and vice versa).

Some of the fancier digital cameras, like their 35mm counterparts, are too big or too heavy to carry on a day of casual shooting. A guy I knew had a Nikon F5, but used his wife's point-and-shoot 35mm camera on his vacation. He claimed that the Nikon was too heavy. So, even though it was the best camera, it wasn't the right one.

Another friend has a large digital camera, but uses a smaller one for his outings.

Right now, I'm using a digital camera with a 12x zoom, optical image stabilization, good macro capability, and more than enough megapixels. It weighs about 12 ounces and fits into one of my larger pockets. And, being small in size, it attracts little attention. (I'd mention the model number here, but it's already been replaced with a newer model.)

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