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Vatican story
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This is a detail from a tapestry in the Vatican. It's an interesting scene that makes you wonder what's happening. You'll have to use your imagination, as I don't have the answer. But I'll bet it has a religious theme.

It was pretty dark in the area where this tapestry was located, so I shot it in infrared, which gave the original image an overall greenish tinge. The first thing I did on the computer was to restore some of the color. Then I converted the image to PostScript, which yielded shapes filled with solid color. In this case, there are several thousand shapes that make up the picture. I didn't add any outline to the shapes, as I wanted the image to resemble a painting. The last step was to work on the overall color and brightness.

It certainly makes an fascinating scene. I wonder what they're looking at. Even the horse seems to be involved.

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