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Saints beneath the clouds
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Saints beneath the clouds - dramatic clouds and sun behind the saints atop  Saint Peter's basilica in Rome - Saints beneath the clouds - Techno-Impressionist Museum - Techno-Impressionism - art - beautiful - photo photography picture - by Tony Karp

Q: Before the Internet, what was the most popular form of self-publishing?

A: The vanity license plate. Itís amazing what people have said in 8 letters or so.

In fact, if you have both a blog and a vanity plate, the chances are that more people have seen your vanity plate than your blog.

A state could pick up a bundle of money by extending the number of characters on a license plate so that you could use it to display the URL of your blog.

One of the differences between a blog and a journal (like this one) is that you will be able to read a journal ten years from now and it will still have meaning.

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