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Reliquary head of Saint Yrieix
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 - Reliquary head of Saint Yrieix - Techno-Impressionist Museum - Techno-Impressionism - art - beautiful - photo photography picture - by Tony Karp

A few words about how I work.

I see myself as an artist rather than a photographer. Taking the picture is just the first step. From there, it's sometimes a long path to the final image. Some images go through many steps (stages) until the final version is reached. Sometimes, a series of variations will be produced along the way. (See "Pinhead on my mind" in the Techno-Impressionist Museum for an example of this.) This is the way that Picasso worked, always open to new possibilities, variations, and methods.

The image above started as a black and white photograph. It was then reduced to a cubist form, and colors were filled in. Each section of flat color has a thin outline to help accent its shape.

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