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Afternoon in the park
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Even though Queens is part of New York City, with its population density at over 20,000 people per square mile, it still has room for an amazing number of public parks. Some include lakes, and some touch Long island Sound. Most are well-maintained and landscaped, with places to walk, picnic, bike ride, and generally get away from the city's daily grind.

The afternoon scene above is from Kissena park. What brought me here was a story in the NY Times about the trees that were part of the Parsons Nursery that was once located on the North side of the park. Although the nursery is long gone, many of the interesting trees remain. (A subject for future journal entries.)

To me, this picture is reminiscent of a scene by Maxfield Parrish. Although it appears to be a panorama, it is actually just a well-cropped version of a single frame.

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