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The sun
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The sun makes an interesting subject and it shows up in a lot of my pictures. Here, the sun is partly obscured by clouds and near sunset late in an August afternoon.

When I worked with film, every negative or slide that I scanned into the computer had to be given a unique file name. After a while the process can become difficult as you start to run out of names for multiple pictures of the same subject. In addition, there's no easy way to determine the time or date when the picture was taken. One of the advantages of digital photography is that every picture has a time and date stamp, as well as its own unique file name. Since I keep all of my digital images online, it's a simple matter to look up the date and time that a picture was taken.

In addition, the unique file name keeps the pictures in the order that they were taken. So, if I'm not sure of where a picture was taken, I can just look at the ones before or after it to get the story. In the future, cameras will probably include a built-in GPS, so that the exact location can be identified.

While it's true that some film cameras can put a datestamp on every image, this ruins the picture, making it look like something from a surveillance camera. With digital cameras, all of the info is tucked transparently and automatically into the image file when the picture is taken.

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