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Electric swimming pool
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When we bought our house two years ago, it came with a little something extra -- a swimming pool, installed by a previous owner. Although I wasn't in love with the idea of having a pool, the house itself, the property that came with the house, along with the geographic location, made it irresistible. So we bought the house. I thought that we would deal with the pool. If it didn't work out, we could always fill it with gravel and turn it into a Japanese garden.

Well, the pool turned out to be a great thing. Aside from the opening and closing, we could take care of the pool ourselves. Since it's just the two of us, it's easy to do the maintenance chores. It's a great thing to have when company shows up. And, as a bonus, it's given me some interesting images.

One day, I was watching the sunlight reflected off the waves in the pool. It was hypnotic. And I started wondering what it would look like with some sort of electricity to light up the water instead, with things showing up that almost look alive.

Perhaps something like this.

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