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At Puerto de la Morcuera
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Puerto de la Morcuera is a place along the road between Miraflores de la Sierra and Rascafria, about 50 miles north of Madrid in Spain. We decided to take a trip up the M-611, a snarky, winding road that leads north of Miraflores to see Rascafria, where all the local potato chips seemed to come from. It was also a good excuse for a road trip on our last day in Spain.

It turns out that this is a favorite route for biking enthusiasts. At the Peurto, you're about 6000 feet about sea level. There's a parking place there, and some trails to get even further up the mountain. So we set out on foot to get some exercise. The path led through open fields, with cows wandering around. (Watch where you step.)

Overhead, a lone bird was framed against the clouds. I'm not sure if it was a hawk, a vulture, or some other soaring bird, but it had a beautiful shape as it cruised along.

A very inspirational sight.

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