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Japanese lantern
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This picture was taken at the John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden in Locust Valley, NY. The lantern hangs from a pole near the teahouse. We found this place quite by accident when driving between Glen Cove and Oyster Bay. It was closed that day, open only on the weekend, so we came back the next weekend.

It turns out that a Japanese stroll garden is a formal garden, populated with Japanese plants and trees and some buildings such as a teahouse. As the name implies, there are trails that lead through the garden, with places to stop and meditate on the beauty of nature. This stroll garden is set into the side of a hill, which gives it an interesting vertical aspect. It's a calm retreat from the busy outside world. The Hobbitt and I made regular visits here, and there will be more pictures of this wonderful place in future journal entries.

Here, the lantern is in silhouette, with trees in the background. I used a technique where the tonal range is compressed, so that we only see the outline of the lantern. Then I shifted the color to give the impression of a sepia print.

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