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Power supply
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I love this picture because it has a very 1930's industrial look to it.

We found this on our first road trip into West Virginia. Our goal, picked at random, was a small area called Capon Bridge. The roads in this part of the country are still beautiful, running through farmland, small towns, and villages.

Just before we reached our goal, we decided to take a detour along some local roads. This is no problem, since we use a GPS for navigation. (A GPS is the ultimate guy-thing -- you never have to stop and ask for directions. There's a big difference between having a GPS and having a map. With a map, you know where things are. With a GPS you know where you are.)

The local road led past a power distribution site with lots of transformers and poles and wiring. As I was taking these pictures, it occurred to me that I might be taken for a terrorist, gathering information for an attack on the infrastructure. But this was an isolated road and we didn't see anyone else, so I guess we're okay.

The clouds that day were spectacular. They made a perfect background for this image.

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