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Time to add some fireworks to this dull journal.

When I lived in NYC, if you wanted to see fireworks on the fourth of July, you had to get in your car and go somewhere to see them. The most famous of course, is the Macy's fireworks display, on the East River off of Manhattan. Good luck in finding a spot with a view. Most just watch on TV.

You see, in New York, fireworks are illegal -- you have to have a permit to do something interesting with them. So while you may see an errant skyrocket or two in your local neighborhood, that's about it.

But down here in Virginia, it's legal, and the fireworks dealers set up tents in the local malls with an amazing assortment for sale. Sort of like visiting a bazaar of arms dealers.

Our neighbor, just across the road, puts on a fireworks show every year. While not as spectacular as Macy's (no musical accompaniment), it's more than satisfying. And it's a lot easier to get to. Just walk a couple of hundred feet down the road and you're all set.

And, once again, you can see if your camera can capture the spirit of the extravaganza. This picture was made with the camera on manual setting. The shutter was set to a four second exposure.

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