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Hands up!
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This was in Paris.

The Hobbitt and I had just finished visiting an exhibition of prints by W. Eugene Smith at the Hôtel de Sully. (This is a city palace near the Place des Vosges, very pretty, built around interior courtyards.)

So, inspired by this, I decided to mark the occasion with a picture. At that time, I was doing a series of shadow self-portraits, and this one is projected on the side of that famous building. Since I was holding the camera in one hand, I asked the Hobbitt to give me a hand, which she did, literally. I think that's her hand on the left. In any case, it yielded an interesting shadow. (It's in the "Paris, France" show on the main museum page.)

Not content with that, I started fooling around with different effects. This is an effect that produces a beveled look. You can set the curve, slope, and colors of the bevels. I finally settled on red for the beveled part, with a darkening of the shadows. This gives it an interesting three-dimensional appearance.

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