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Visitor at my window
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One day, shortly after we moved into our old house in Virginia, I spied this creature on the bathroom window. Fortunately, he was on the outside. I watched for a little while, but he didn't move at all. Perhaps he had expired while attached to our window.

So I went and got my camera, set it for macro range, and put it right up to the window. Still no reaction. So I took a few shots, highlighting it against the sky. Makes an interesting silhouette. After a while, I got bored and left.

When I returned later, it was gone, so I guess it really was alive. Perhaps it remained poised like that in hopes of attracting some prey. It sure looked deadly enough, and I loved those little claw-shaped feet, obviously to get a better grip on things.

The window, along with the separate storm window were dirty, and we hadn't had a chance to clean them, being occupied with dozens of other tasks associated with a new home ownership. A few months later, we replaced all the windows with more modern double-glazed ones, more energy efficient and a lot easier to maintain.

While replacing the windows, it became evident that these hornets had built a nest right alongside the window, under one of the faux shutters decorating the exterior of the house. But we were ready for them with some insect spray, hopefully forcing them to relocate and find new housing, just as we had.

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