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Sky Meadows
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Driving around one afternoon, the Hobbitt and I decided to go to Sky Meadows Park. It was very cloudy, the sky dark and threatening rain, but we decided to chance it.

When we got there, it was raining a little, so we took a tour of one of the Civil War era buildings. Quite interesting, actually. Among other things, they had a piano. The sort of thing you would use for entertainment in an era long before TV.

When we got outside, the rain had stopped and there was a rainbow filling the sky. So it was going to be a good day after all. We decided to take our usual hike up the big hill to get some exercise and see the vista from the hilltop. On the way down, we saw a family of deer, hiding in the woods.

Going back to our car, this scene caught my eye. There had been a wedding at the park that day. Two of the participants had wandered to the top of this hill and, along with the trees, were silhouetted against the sky. This final result is pretty much as it came from the camera, with just some minor retouching to remove extraneous objects.

I've often thought that this would make an interesting book cover.

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