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Night comes to Uijongbu
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It is the winter of 1964. Uijongbu is a small, rural town, about 10 miles north of Seoul and 30 miles south of the DMZ. In front of me is a landscape of houses and farms. Behind me is the 121 Evac Hospital.

The snowy scene is illuminated by the full moon. It's cold, and it's pretty dark, too. But I decide to take a couple of shots anyway. The rangefinder camera I used had a fairly fast wide-angle lens, but the film probably had a speed of less than 50. No tripod, so this is hand held, at perhaps a quarter of a second or so.

The resulting slide, as you might imagine, was way underexposed. Holding the slide up to the light you could see some detail, and you could show it on a slide projector in a really dark room, but that was about it. For some reason, I held on to this slide for all of these years, hoping that some day there would be a way to see it properly.

And then I bought a film scanner for my computer. This was one of the first slides I scanned. At first, the results were disappointing -- muddy, dark, and grainy. But after some coaxing, using the tools on the computer, this is what emerged.

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